Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our commonly asked questions to learn more about Florware and it's capabilities. Whether you're starting your search or just trying to learn more, these frequently asked questions will help steer you in the right direction.

Do you have a free trial?
  • A free 7-day trial for Florware is available. The trial contains a demo company for you to explore Florware modules and functionality.
  • Contact us to request a trial at [email protected] or call us at 800-455-4344
Can I Use Florware WITHOUT Quickbooks?

Yes. Florware is designed to be an end-to-end standalone product that will operate your entire flooring company.

Can I Use Florware WITH Quickbooks?

Yes. Florware although you will get the most out of Florware's integration by implementing all of the integrated modules, it is not required. And you can import data like pricing, customers, vendors and account codes from Quickbooks. As well as export sales, purchases, work orders, inventory, customer and product information into Quickbooks.

Is Florware fcB2B capable?

Yes, Florware imports price catalogs and price updates from participating b2b vendors. And you can send purchase orders, and receive vendor invoices via b2B as well.

Is Florware web based?
  • Yes, Florware runs in a browser on your computer or tablet. It is not an application you install. The system, and your data is avaialble to from anywhere you log into the service.
  • Although it is possible to configure Florware to run on an internet as browser application on a localized network, you will lose the "available everywhere" capabilities Florware offers.
Do you offer onsite setup, training and consultation?

Yes, contact us to discuss options for an onsite visit.

Can Florware be used on tablets and phones?

Yes, you can use Florware on your mobile devices, as long as they are connected to the internet.

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