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  • A Better Solution To Your Work Flow Headaches

  • Move On From Your Outdated Software System

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A Complete Flooring Company Workflow Management Package

Florware is a comprehensive business tool that helps you operate your flooring company successfully. Make better, smarter, faster decisions using Florware - it combines power, flexibility, customization, and ease of use. All at an affordable price.

We have been providing IT solutions for the flooring industry for over 30 years. We invite you to check us out - look over our website, request a free trial, or call us directly - we have the flooring software solutions you are looking for!

Fully Integrated, Browser-Based, Mobile Ready

Easily connect your information across all devices, all platforms with Florware.

Easily link your data to your other apps.

Not an outdated DOS or Windows based system converted for the cloud.

Move On From A System Designed With Technology From A Different Time

And do it affordably. Florware is a powerful all-in-one solution for your flooring business. Run everything smoothly, keep accurate records, and keep a close eye on profitability.

Product Catalogs and Price Lists

Download and update price information from vendors and mills automatically. Use the markup wizard to easily set your price levels and profit. Implement private labeling and barcoding.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory and keep track of what's in stock. Receive material from purchase orders and populate invoices and orders with details of items you buy and sell. Effortlessly export inventory information to Quickbooks.

Estimating and Job Costing

Build quotes and proposals that can be automatically used to create to sales invoices, work orders, purchase orders, and Quickbooks records. Create online or PDF quotes that make a great impression. Send them instantly from your mobile device or from the office.

Sales and Receivables

Bill customers, print statements, receive payments. Track work in process, accounts receivable, labor and materials costed to sales, commissions on sales and more. Automatically calculate sales tax and use tax on orders, and use reports to prepare industry specific and state compliant sales tax returns.

Purchase Orders and Vendor Invoices

Create and send purchase orders online. Then keep track of orders and deliveries so ordering is right every time. Track and pay bills on time. And get a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow.

Work Orders and Scheduling

Create and print work orders automatically from sales invoice records. Manage installer pricing by labor type. Pay installers. Track hours worked on jobs. Comprehensive job schedule calendar. Automatically send texts to installers in the field. Manage installer deductions, retainage, and supply costs. Print 1099 forms.

Payroll and Commissions

Use Florware to calculate pay and deductions, timesheets, sales commissions, pay employees, simplify compliance, and seamlessly post records to checking, general ledger and financial reporting. As well as print W-2s, 940 and 941 forms.

Checking Account Management

Fully integrate checks and deposits with other Florware modules. Print deposit tickets, print accounts payable checks, payroll checks, installer / subcontract labor checks. Reconcile bank accounts. Create as many checking accounts as you need.

General Ledger and Accounting

No double entry, no clunky transfer across systems. Records from each Florware module seamlessly post to the General Ledger. Giving you real time access flooring specific financial reports like Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statements.

Robust Sample Loan Tracking

Keep a close eye on samples loaned to customers. Send automatic notifications when samples are due back. Integrate sample loan with leads, quotes, and sales modules.

Document Storage and Image Upload

Safely and securely attach documents and images to any Florware record. Save vendor price agreements, photos of job sites. Inventory and materials and more.

Custom Forms and Reports

Use the default templates for printed estimates, invoices, work orders, purchase orders. Or design your own with the custom form designer. Track your finances with accurate accounting reports. Ready to submit to your accountant.

Manage Customers, Vendors, Installers, Employees
Keep accurate, detailed list of your employees and others you do buisiness with. And use that data to quickly populate records in other Florware modules. It couldn't be simpler.

Fully Integrated QR Codes

Seamlessly integrate QR Codes into your showroom, warehouse, subcontractor interactions

Free - No Florware Subscription Required

Integrate With Other Apps

Florware has built in API connections to Quickbooks, Twilio, ZOHO, Salesforce, and other CRM applications for moving your records (if needed) to other apps.

Mobile Ready

Since Florware is cloud based, you have access to your information from anywhere, any time, on any device. Use Florware to work with your bookkeeper, employees, installers, warehouse people. In the same office, at home, or in the field.

Fully Secure Data Backup

Florware backs up your data and protects it with multiple layers of security including industry-standard data encryption and secure data centers. We also offer two-step authentication as an additional layer of protection for your Florware account. You can also download all your encrypted records for safe storage and easy recovery.

Scalability and Flexibility

Florware can accommodate 1 or two users, or hundreds. Each user has a customized security profile, allowing them into only the modules and functions they need.

Flooring Industry B2B

Use the flooring industry B2B standard to transfer pricing data, purchase order information, and vendor invoice records to and from suppliers.

Website Design and Integration

Contact us for information on custom website design to create your own customer portal. For professional interaction with your clients.

Multi-Store and Multi-Location

Florware accommodates multiple locations allowing for separate or combined product lists, inventory, labor sources, purchase ordering and financial statements.

Free Support

With Florware you are not charged for support, there are no annual support contracts or fees. We'll do everything we can to make sure you get up and running smoothly. And stay that way.

Onsite Training and Consultation

Onsite setup, customization, and training is available. Contact us to set up a visit to your store.

Lifetime Subscription Discounts

Ask about lifetime subscription options, where there are no ongoing fees. Contact us to discuss whether joining the Florware environment for the life of your company is a better fit.

Why Florware

Take The Guesswork Out Of Managing Your Flooring Business

No software installation, no network configuration, no need for remote access setup or expensive server hardware. Just log in and start reducing mistakes, eliminating headaches, and running your business better. Florware works like you'd expect a modern software application to function. Without the need for expensive hardware and setup.

We have been flooring IT solutions for the flooring industry for over 30 years. We invite you to check us out - look over our website, request a free trial, or call us directly - we have the flooring software solutions you are looking for!

Technologies We Use:
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Florware QR Is A No Fee QR Code System That Allows You To Digitally Price Your Showroom

You don't have to be a Florware user to use Florware QR. You can use it standalone. With no setup fee, or other other fees of any kind.

Florware QR works with fcB2B, Excel files and PDF files. Contact us to get started, and make your sales team, and your customers happier by using Florware QR.

Easy Software - Easy Pricing
$ 59

Per Month - Per User - No Other Fees

  • Flooring Industry B2B
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited Locations
  • Mobile Web Application
  • Secure Data Backup
  • QR Code Inventory
  • QR Code Showroom
  • Sample Loan Tracking
  • Document / Photo Storage
  • Excel Import / Export
  • PDF Import Export
  • Barcoding System
  • Fully Integrated Accounting
  • CRM / Lead Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Estimates / Quotes
  • Sales / Receivables
  • Purchases / Payables
  • Work Orders / Subcontract
  • Job Scheduling
  • Payroll / Commissions
  • Checking / Credit Cards
  • Financial Reporting
  • Installer Portal
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • MeasureSquare Integration
  • Card Payment Processing
  • Retail/Contract/Multifamily
  • Free Price Catalog Setup
  • Free Customization
  • Free Custom Form Design
  • Free Custom Report Design
  • Free Support Email/Phone
  • No Startup Fee
  • Mobile Showroom Ready

Note!No fee, lifetime subscription options are also available. Contact us to discuss whether joining the Florware environment for the life of your company is a better fit.

Help your team connect, collaborate, and serve your customers better. All while putting more money in your pocket.







Florware Technology Partners Have Your Back

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our commonly asked questions to learn more about Florware and it's capabilities. Whether you're starting your search or just trying to learn more, these frequently asked questions will help steer you in the right direction.

Do you have a free trial?
  • A free 30-day trial for Florware is available. The trial contains a demo company for you to explore Florware modules and functionality.
  • Contact us to request a trial at [email protected].
Can I Use Florware WITHOUT Quickbooks?

Yes. Florware is designed to be an end-to-end standalone product that will operate your entire flooring company.

Can I Use Florware WITH Quickbooks?

Yes. Florware although you will get the most out of Florware's integration by implementing all of the integrated modules, it is not required. And you can import data like pricing, customers, vendors and account codes from Quickbooks. As well as export sales, purchases, work orders, inventory, customer and product information into Quickbooks.

Is Florware fcB2B capable?

Yes, Florware imports price catalogs and price updates from participating b2b vendors. And you can send purchase orders, and receive vendor invoices via b2B as well.

Is Florware web based?
  • Yes, Florware runs in a browser on your computer or tablet. It is not an application you install. The system, and your data is avaialble to from anywhere you log into the service.
  • Although it is possible to configure Florware to run on an internet as browser application on a localized network, you will lose the "available everywhere" capabilities Florware offers.
Do you offer onsite setup, training and consultation?

Yes, contact us to discuss options for an onsite visit.

Can Florware be used on tablets and phones?

Yes, you can use Florware on your mobile devices, as long as they are connected to the internet.

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